Stop hiding from the pudding!

Sooj's Brioche
I finally learned that I could center my photos and blow them up. Much better.


First word: Success! We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen! The Basic Brioche is a t.o.t.a.l SUCCESS. Part 2 has been completed. My goodness, am I proud.

The Basic Brioche recipe was sort of a test for me. I was going to find out if I had the guts to overcome my fear and dread of two-day recipes. This represented my fears of doing a lot of things like – any DIY projects, filing papers and letting my son play with grass and dirt (still grosses me out). So when I FINISHED the Basic Brioche, you can imagine how freeing it was for me. I felt beyond victorious. I am not exaggerating. I baked that sucker early in the afternoon and my heart is still pounding with excitement every time I think about it (it’s about 8:30 pm right now). I have been liberated from the fear of exhausting challenges! Thank You, Jesus!

With my new abounding confidence, I proceeded to plan on making what I had given up on. Yes, The Best Ever Chocolate Pudding. Apparently, somewhere deep inside of me, I knew I would make this pudding because I bought the bittersweet chocolate yesterday, after I decided not to make it. I still needed more eggs, but that was no biggie. Running to the store with the baby is not as overwhelming when the hubby is home (which he was, all day. I know, it was a real treat!), so we again, strutted the little man’s cuteness all around the store as I grabbed the eggs. I especially love our grocery store because 1) it seems to have everything, and 2) there are a lot of older folks who seem to delight in babies (at least the ones here do). As I mentioned before, us parents love it when other people love our kids.

After our quick and underwhelming trip (thank you, Hubby) to the store, we put the little guy to bed, and I immediately started on the pudding. There was no time to waste because I knew I’d be tempted to push the pudding to the next day if I didn’t start NOW. So I did. And guess what (again)? It was the EASIEST recipe I have worked with so far! What on earth was I thinking, doing the brioche over the pudding? This one took way less time, less ingredients and it WASN’T a two-day recipe! I was filled with mixed emotions as I put the finished pudding in the fridge – delight, joy, relief, confusion, regret…like why didn’t I make the pudding first?

Don’t worry, I’ve let go of the confusion and regret. It was more than worth it to make that Basic Brioche. But I definitely learned my lesson: just do it. Nike has it so right. I think way too much about things sometimes. Instead of allowing little fears to get in the way of getting stuff done, I should just get the stuff done!

So here are some photos of my awesome, Basic Brioche from Flour. Photos of the pudding will be coming soon, seeing as it needs to cool for 3 hours and I will probably be in bed by then.

I figured out the confusing wording with the help of my husband (whoop whoop!)
I figured out the confusing wording with the help of my husband (whoop whoop!)

IMG_8416-1 IMG_8418-1 IMG_8420-1 IMG_8423-1IMG_8427-1


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