The Dreaded Brioche

Per writing and declaring my newness yesterday, I went to bed that night determined to make something awesome for the hubby the next day. My goal was to make Joanne Chang’s Best Ever Chocolate Pudding. I woke up today, a little less motivated, but still determined to make that Best Ever Chocolate Pudding, only to find out it takes more than a day to make it. So I started perusing through the book quite desperately, hoping to find a recipe that only required 1 day. Little did I know that Joanne Chang likes to bake things that take a long time. So after much thought (frantic thought), I decided on her Basic Brioche.

For all the single ladies (and men), the Basic Brioche should only take a day to make. For all of the mama and papas out there, good luck. Due to my son’s nap, this little mama needed to plan for a two-day bake-athon, knowing I had a very short window of time to go to the grocery store.

Can I just say how proud I am of myself? I avoid two-day baking recipes at all costs.  If anything takes more than a day to make, I immediately shut down and choose not to cook at all (extreme, I know, but that’s just how it’s been). But again, I’m a new me, no longer selfish, ready to love on my hubby who always goes out of his way for me. This was a no brainer (a hesitant no brainer. It took a lot of “inner convincing” for me to actually go to the store to get the ingredients).

So I took the little guy to the store with me, which is always fun as a parent because people will always smile and compliment on your kids’ cuteness (unless it’s a bad day…today was a good day). Who doesn’t love a good compliment? We strutted his cuteness down the aisle, got our goods (not EVERY store has bread flour. If you ever make the endeavor to bake brioche buns, make sure your store has bread flour), and hurried home (safely).

After putting the little man to bed, I ate dinner with my shaky, hungry hands because I waited to eat until after the baby’s bed time (moms, do you relate??) and sort of grudgingly started on the dreaded brioche.

And well, surprise, surprise. It wasn’t that bad! My wrists hurt from holding the standing mixer down for so long (it kept making loud banging noises…apartment living does not permit such a thing), but so far, the recipe has been totally doable, even for me. I’m slightly dreading tomorrow’s part because I can’t fully understand her directions for how to fold the dough (second generation Korean American problems), but for now, I actually enjoyed the process. It goes to show how we just need to go for it sometimes. Thinking too much never seems to help in life.

So that’s day 2 of the new Priscilla, in the process of baking the Basic Brioche from Joanne Chang’s Flour. This isn’t supposed to be a cooking blog, but for now, it is. And I will, I WILL finish this week strong! (Why it is that I feel so much more motivated about things in the evening? I pray this “new me” inspiration continues on in the morning).

Good night!

Part 1...hoping part 2 works out okay!

Part 1…hoping part 2 works out okay!


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