I forgot your birthday…

For those of you who don’t know, pregnancy can mess with your brain. It’s common for pregnant mamas to forget why they got all ready to go out, where they put their phone and keys (although you don’t really have to be pregnant for that one) or why they walked into a certain room (again, not just for pregnant ladies, but let’s just say it’s more common for the mamas.) Well, when I was pregnant, I made the grand mistake of forgetting my husband’s birthday.

Yep, I forgot my husband’s birthday. The husband who never raises his voice at me, goes out of his way to do sweet things for me (like drive 30 minutes to a different city to get me Korean food) and does everything a gold star husband would do. Yeah, that guy’s birthday. I forgot. I forgot to get a cake (didn’t even bother thinking to bake that year), forgot to get a gift and forgot to organize any type of celebration. I made the worst mistake of acting like I didn’t forget and tried to make it up throughout the day, but I even forgot to do things to make it look like I was trying to make up for it! The day was a total disaster. And hubby was quite disappointed.

But those were the partially selfish and very pregnant days. Today is a new day and I am a new person (also a mom – life is different when the baby comes out. You forget less, and you’re more tired and happy), and I am awesome. So I took our Flour cookbook (baking book?) and baked him a cake. Let’s leave the fact that I had the birthday boy take care of our son while I baked as a side note. He enjoyed it, so I’ll package that happening as a gift, not a chore (wink, wink).

You may be thinking, “Big deal. She baked him a cake.” If that is you, you are mistaken, my friend. Joanne Chang, the pastry chef who wrote Flour, has some of the most intense, detailed and complicated recipes known to man. Her recipes may not intimidate me as much as Julia Child’s recipes (I don’t even look at them. It only makes me sad that I don’t have the energy to attempt to cook with them), they intimidated me enough to bake one – only ONE – of her cookie recipes, which in turn caused me to shut the book closed for a good 4 years.

Well, like I said, I’m a new me. So I baked Joanne’s yellow birthday cake from Flour, all for the man I love. Oh, and it was delicious. Absolutely delightful. Best yellow birthday cake my husband and I have ever had in our entire lives. Totally worth it. And guess what… My husband doesn’t know this, but I’m going to try to bake for him out of that monster of a book every day of this week. I’m going to do a short version of Julie from Julie and Julia. From today until Friday, I’m going to bake at least one thing out of Flour a day. The thought sort of terrifies me, but I’m going to do it. I am no longer the selfish wife who forgot her husband’s birthday. I’m the awesome wife who bakes from Flour.

(To the wives and husbands who bake from Flour like it’s a walk in the park, good for you. I am obviously NOT like you.)

So here’s to a new me and a good birthday week for the man who works 100 hours a week, changes most of my son’s diapers and empties our Roomba without me having to ask. It’s going to be grand!

Oh, and here’s the masterpiece!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my LOVE!
Happy Birthday to my LOVE!

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